000 Sohost CoWorkers window001 The Tank002 2nd floor with kit003 Oromo coffee and cakes004 Sohost kitchen boys005 Cassandra working hard006 Mark Dave Karl working in The Tank007 Celia Norowzian008 Loaf Hokey Cokey009 Super Dave on 4th floor010 The Tank _ Gregor011 Sohost from Berwick Street012 Berwick Street flowers013 Berwick Street burritos014 Any loves Berwick Street015 Superdave in the kitchen016 5th floor ceiling018 Content Commie in the kitchen019 Lemon drizzle cake020 Siky iDog0214th floor Kiki and Mark022 Resident DJ Commie023 2nd floor breakout023_1 Dogfriendly coworking024 Brownies024_1 Post Tank Chat025 The Tank press026 Breakthrough Media Tank027 Cue Songs pioneers028 5th floor drinks2nd Floor Jul175 star ruby5 star yoyo velvet CCC5_2nd ClubBella pink hatDrinksPearlSohost 1stSohost 4thSohost 5thSohost GroundThe Tank_Theatre Style